Weber Kettles, WGA and WSM

If you just want 1 handle for the lid, select from below.
A person's last name in Kanji (Japanese)
Below are just a few pictures of the hundreds of Weber handles that I have made for creative people.

Walnut 2 set engraved $55.00
Engraving - 15 character max
Weber charcoal cookers come with 1, 2 or 3 handles
Please note that the kettle handle has the engraving inverted.
If your cooker has 3 handles, click below.

Walnut 3 set engraved $72.00
Engraving 15 characters max
Weber walnut engraved $30.00
Engraving 15 characters max
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Weber compatible handles come with a 2 piece handle  They all have a top piece that  goes over the handle bracket and a bottom piece that holds it in place.