Weber Smokey Mountain handles

The Weber Smokey Mountain is available in 3 sizes; 14", 18.5" and 22.5".  The larger Smoker has 3 handles and the small ones have 2.  
The current handles are a 2 part design, with a front and a back/ top and bottom  that takes advantage of the existing metal bracket.

All of my handles are finely sanded and hand finished with 3 coats of a water proof Spar Urethane finish with a sanding in between each coat.  The idea is to fight off the weather as long as possible.

Engraving is 15 characters maximum, per side.  Enter engraving instructions during Paypal checkout under "Special Instructions".
22.5" WSM handle sets

14" and 18.5" WSM Handles
The handle on the 18.5" WSM is exactly the same handle used on all the other Weber Kettle lids.  Please click on the below picture to be taken to that page

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Walnut 2 set engraved $55.00
Engraving - 15 character max