These are a few pictures of the wide variety of furniture and products that I have built over the years.  At the bottom are several videos of my shop etc.  You can search for me on youtube.  I am TheGarageguy1.
Photo Gallery
Pennsylvania Secretary - Reproduction of a mid 1700's piece
Walnut Blanket chest with matching removable jewely box.  Both with crotch walnut lids
I have made many custom cigar humidors
Serving trays and inlays
Maple Cedar chest with Bubinga inlays
The below youtube video shows my CNC router completing the process of inlaying a Cypress tree into a panel which will eventually be a serving tray.
Below is a video of my workshop showing a few things that I work on.
Below is a ring box that I made for my Niece's wedding.  It is made from quilted maple with Bubinga inlays.
Contact me at [email protected]